Marquetry is tecnique where entire surface is covered with pieces of veneer which form e.g. picture or ornament. Material is 0.6mm-3mm thick, depending the technique. It is made traditionally with knife cutting technique or with scroll saw.

With the colours of different woods marquetarians can form countless variations from almost any kind of patterns, designs or pictures.

For example one can mention Rococo or Baroque tables or pictures of landscapes. Simple geometrical design can also be very effective.

Traditionally only the raw materials own colours are used. Three- dimensional influence can be achieved by sand-shading, meaning simply that a piece of veneer is partially submerged into hot sand for a few seconds. Some marquetarians may think that colouring veneers is acceptable, some does not aprove even sand-shading.

Bone, ivory, mother-of-pearl, pewter, brass or fine metals can be used in marquetry too.