tmi Kimalainen

Marquetry wood works

Marquetry is tecnique where entire surface is covered with pieces of veneer, often using different woods, to form picture or ornament. In Kimalainen products finishing is made maily with Osmocolor.


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You can find Kimalainen products and a lot of other fine crafts from

MadeBy Helsinki.

Tupapuoti Fiskars. Open on saturdays and from 21.2 Thu-Sun 12am until 5pm.

Unionin26 Helsingissä.

Outolintu Brinkkala, Turku.

Emalipuu Shop in Korpilahti.

Vanhalinna in Lieto.

Teijon Masuuni shop.

The Craft Museum of Finland Jyväskylä.

Sarka Museum Loimaa.

ProPuu Lahti.

Gullkrona Parainen.

Koivu Sisustus Helsinki.