tmi Kimalainen

New product, a bracelet!

Marquetry wood works

Marquetry is tecnique where entire surface is covered with pieces of veneer, often using different woods, to form picture or ornament. In Kimalainen products finishing is made maily with Osmocolor.


Working hard and going to be in:

Finnish Handicrafts 2017 Fair, Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre 17.–19.11.2017. Kimalainen in C- hall, P180. Welcome! We also have dollhouse things with us!

Kimalainen in The Christmas Market at the Old Great Square of Turku 25.–26.11. and 2. -3.12.2017 11–17. Welcome!

Womens’ Christmas Fair 6.- 10.12.2017 in Wanha Satama, Katajanokka, Helsinki, open every day 10-18. Welcome!


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